Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health During Pandemic

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health During Pandemic 1
One of the key strategies that I have already used during the pandemic to improve my mental health is exercising regularly. Regular exercise is excellent for your psychological and physical health. 

In the last few months, I spent hundreds of hours looking at the screen, and I started to have minor headaches and eye strain. Not only that, but I was also gaining more weight while my back and knees were beginning to hurt after sitting at home all day. 

Over time, the headaches and eye strains started to affect my sleeping hours and focus on assignments. Therefore, I began to look for a strategy to improve my mental health, and I found lots of sites recommending exercising. After the research, I quickly order a face mask and started walking regularly. 
Tips to Improve Your Mental Health During Pandemic 2
Slowing, I started biking, walking, running, push-ups, and jumping ropes. After doing the workout regularly, I began to see a massive improvement. I was able to sleep properly and focus more on the schoolwork. Although it is very time consuming, it had a significant impact on my mental at the time of the pandemic. 

I had lots of stress regarding the college application process, and it was beneficial and made me feel better. If anyone is looking to improve their mental health, I recommend spending more time outside doing activities like walking, running, and biking. 
Tips to Improve Your Mental Health During Pandemic 3
We can do all these activities by ourselves, so we don’t have to worry about maintaining social distance. One of the main issues with regular exercise is managing time, but if you manage to grab 45 minutes a day, you will see significant improvements. So far, regular exercise has helped me a lot during this time, and I hope to continue it for the rest of my life.